Đáp án mẫu đề thi Writing task 2 – Ngày 13/10/2018

Topic: Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists but not local people. Why is this the case and what can be done to attract more local people to visit these places?


I have to address both causes and solutions in this essay:


  1. Each individual’s interests and demand: tourists like exploring brand-new culture/history/society

Local residents: already have some knowledge about their regions

  1. Monotonous activities: displaying antique items and seem unchanged over time


  1. Change perception of the public by diversifying activities related to history, society and culture. Ex: cultural festival.
  2. Promote image by advertising, publishing videos.


It is true that most tourists choose museums or historical sites as destinations on their ways to a brand-new land, while dwellers rarely go to these places. This situation can be attributed to a host of reasons and some steps can definitely be taken to tackle this problem.

As far as I am concerned, two major factors are to blame for low visiting frequency of locals. Firstly, it depends on each individual’s interests and demand. When a newcomer travels to another country or region, they may dive into historical, social and cultural characteristics, whereas inhabitants already have knowledge about their own areas to some extent. Hence, museums or historical sites are tourists’ choices of places. They can wander around and have a look at some ancient items that speak volumes about unique features of a country. Secondly, activities in most museums are mainly displaying antique things, which nearly remain unchanged over time. Residents may visit these places once in their lifetime as there are is no novelty which is appealing to them.

There is a wide range of solutions that can be taken to resolve this problem. To change fixed perception of the public about museums as dull places, diversifying activities related to history, culture or society is a priority, instead of keeping the same activities. For instance, a cultural festival can take place in museum to let participants discuss and get to know more about other cultures, as well as enjoy foreign cuisines. Moreover, each site should promote its own image by publishing some meaningful and attractive videos or advertisements to grab attention of the public.

In conclusion, monotonous activities or individual interests contribute to a low number of local visitors to museums or historical sites and this can be solved by diversifying activities as well as generating more publicity.


be to blame for: là nguyên nhân của…

low visiting frequency: lượt khách đến tham quan thấp

newcomer: người mới đến

speak volumes about something: nói lên rất nhiều điều về cái gì

once in their lifetime: một lần trong đời

priority: sự ưu tiên

grab attention: thu hút sự chú ý

diversify: đa dạng hóa

monotonous: đơn điệu

publicity: sự quảng cáo

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