TOPIC:  If a product is good or it meets people’s needs, people will buy it. Advertising is no more than a form of entertainment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

This essay asks for your opinion how far you would agree or disagree with the statement. Examinees can choose to either side or both side.


I partly agree with the claim:

It is true that a product can be sold well without advertising if the quality is good and it meets people’s demand.

Advertising can be of great assistance to both manufacturers and buyers than just a mere form of entertainment:

+ Help bring the product to the people

+ Help consumers compare the prices of products of different brands

+ Help increase the sales


These days, it is rather irrefutable that advertising has been playing a pivotal role in developing our consuming behavior. However, some people have second thought when considering advertising purely as a means of pursuing contentment. They also claim people will eventually choose the products as long as the quality and people’s demand are well met. From my viewpoint, though I agree that quality and people’s needs are highly influential to purchasing decision, advertising can have more significant implications to consumerism.

On the one side of the coin, it is worth stating that people will opt for products with a condition that they are affordable and reasonably durable. This can be widely seen with merchandise important to people’s lives such as food or paper. Also, goods from well-known brands earning their reputation for the top-notch quality and reliability like Apple or Sony will unconditionally attract consumers with little or no interventions of advertising.

On the flip side of the coin, advertising is still contributing greatly to the benefits of both manufacturers and consumers. In the case of producers, by using provocative, mind-intriguing images and celebrities as brand ambassadors, companies can create an effective introduction to their newly born products and thus increase sales. By the same token, media or TV commercials are highly sufficient should people wish to import their brands overseas. For the consumers, by providing a wide range of options, advertising can thus create a comparison framework for buyers to choose the products best suited to their needs and budget.

In conclusion, I still hold the belief that commercials are still of vital importance in delivering products effectively to consumers and insisting on well-informed decisions to buyers. Products with excellent quality can always use a helping hand of media in the current fiercely competitive market.


irrefutable: không thể chối cãi

contentment: niềm vui, sự hài lòng

opt: lựa chọn

durable: bền

top-notch quality: chất lượng cao

intervention: sự can thiệp

provocative: gợi mở

mind-intriguing: hấp dẫn

by the same token: cũng với cùng lí do

comparison framework: hệ thống đối chiếu

well-informed: được thông tin kĩ lưỡng


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