Nhiều từ trong tiếng Anh thường được sử dụng sai kể cả những người bản xứ. Một phần là bởi những từ này có Spelling quá giống nhau, trong khoảnh khắc khó mà phân biệt rõ. Một lý do phải kể đến là nhiều trong số đó phát âm hoàn toàn giống nhau nhưng Spelling và nghĩa khác nhau. Các bạn hãy lần lượt theo dõi trong từng bài post để tiếp cận và học cách sử dụng những từ như thề này nhé.

ANGEL (noun) – a spiritual or heavenly being.
Ex: The Christmas card portrayed a choir of angels hovering over the shepherds.
ANGLE (noun) – a figure formed by two lines meeting at a common point.
Ex: The carpenters placed the planks at right angles.

CITE (verb) – quote as an example.
Ex: In her term paper, Janis had to cite many references.
SITE (noun) – location.
Ex: The corner of North Main and Mimosa Streets will be the site of the new shopping center.
(a) (noun) – a device used to assist aim (of a gun or telescope).
Ex: Through the sight of the rifle, the soldier spotted the enemy.
(b) (noun) – view.
Ex: Watching the landing of the space capsule was a pleasant sight.
(c) (verb) – see.
Ex: We sighted a ship in the bay.

COSTUME (noun) – clothing, typical style of dress.
Ex: We all decided to wear colonial costumes to the Fourth of July celebration.
CUSTOM (noun) – a practice that is traditionally followed by a particular group of people.
Ex: It is a custom in Western Europe for little boys to wear short pants to school.

DECENT (adjective) – respectable or suitable.
Ex: When one appears in court, one must wear decent clothing.
DESCENT (noun) (a) – downward motion.
Ex: The mountain climbers found their descent more hazardous than their ascent. (b) – lineage. Vladimir is of Russian descent.

DESSERT (noun) (desert) – the final course of a meal, usually something sweet.
Ex: We had apple pie for dessert last night.
DESERT (noun) (desert) – a hot, dry place.
Ex: It is difficult to survive in the desert without water.
DESERT (verb) (desert) – abandon.
Ex: After deserting his post, the soldier ran away from the camp.

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