Học cách diễn đạt hay và ấn tượng trong tiếng Anh – bài 20


  1. quick on the uptake

hiểu nhanh – Just because I’m not quick on the uptake, it doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

  1. one’s luck will rub off on sb

hưởng sái – Gray is very lucky. I hope that his luck will rub off on me.

  1. you can’t do that to me

đừng đối xử với tôi như thế – I am your friend, you can’t do that to me.

  1. under fire

dưới búa rìu dư luận – The mayor was forced to resign under fire.

  1. There’s no such thing as a free lunch

Không có gì là miễn phí.

  1. pest

kẻ phá hoại – He’s a pest.

  1. get about

không đi lại được – She is too weak to get about.

  1. hold the bag

ở lại chịu trận – His friend ran away and left him holding the bag.

  1. We are all in the same boat

Chúng ta cùng hội cùng thuyền mà – I know how you feel. We are all in the same boat.

  1. put off

mất hứng –  I was put off literature by bad teaching.

  1. clear the air/ make up with each other

làm hoà – After my mom had reconciled our disputation by analyzing our mistakes, my brother and I cleared the air/made up with each other.

  1. put off

hoãn lại

   *rain cats and dogs

trời mưa xối xả

We should have put our picnic off. It’s rained dogs and cats all day and we cannot do anything.

  1. on the outskirt

vùng ngoại ô – She lived on the outskirt of Sai Gon city until she got marriage in 1989.

  1. make ends meet

chỉ đủ sống – Peter had very little money but managed to make ends meet. = Peter got by on very little money.

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