Học cách diễn đạt hay và ấn tượng trong tiếng Anh – bài 19

Một bài học tiếp theo về cách diễn đạt hay và ấn tượng nhé các bạn.


  1. paint the town red

quậy tưng một bữa – Let’s go out and paint the town red.

  1. be stumped on

bí – Your friend, Mary, is stumped on this question.

  1. make out a will

lập di chúc – If you have money, you should make out a will. You can’t take it with you, you know!

  1. the apple of one’s eyes

cục cưng – You are the apple of my eyes dear.

  1. Money does not grow on trees

Tiền không dễ kiếm.

  1. pick one’s teeth

xỉa rang – Don’t pick your teeth in public.

  1. get along in years

già theo năm tháng – Mr. Pike does not realize that he is getting along in years.

  1. hold the sack

ôm sô –  He left me holding the sack.

  1. Don’t let the chance slip by

Đừng để cơ hội vuột qua tầm tay.

  1. one’s remark is a real downer

lời nhật xét làm cụt hứng – My remark was a real downer for their interesting story.  

  1. pinky promise

hứa (móc ngoéo) – Pinky promise?Pinky promise!

  1. The clouds are bellying

ám chỉ trời sắp mưa to – It’s going to rain. – How do you know? – The clouds are bellying.

  1. a pain in the neck: kẻ chuyên gây rối

e.g. Be careful with that rowdy boy over there. He is a pain in the neck.

  1. tightened security

thắt chặt an ninh – After the terror happened last week, people tightened security round an airport.

  1. cut sth out

dập tắt – If you don’t cut the fire out, it can demolish my house and then yours.

  1. Let bygones be bygones

Hãy để cho dĩ vãng trôi về dĩ vãng.

  1. be off to

khởi hành đến  – Lola: ‘Sorry about the trouble we made for your planet. We will be off to another planet to find out our naughty son right now. Good bye Earth.’

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