Cách diễn đạt ấn tượng trong tiếng Anh – bài 13

Hello, everybody. Hôm nay của bạn tốt chứ? Bài hôm trước đã thấm hết chưa hè? Hôm nay chúng ta cùng tiếp tục học thêm 17 cách diễn đạt án tượng nữa nhé.


  1. if worst comes to worst: cùng lắm (nếu tình huống xấu nhất xảy ra) –

==> If worst comes to worst, I’ll have to borrow some money.

  1. Easier said than done: Nói thì dễ, làm thì khó.
  1. You said a mouthful already: Anh nói nhiều quá rồi

==> You said a mouthful already, you’d better stop.

  1. make a claim: khiếu nại

==> We are making a claim on our insurance company.

  1. Time flies!: Thời gian qua nhanh thật!

==>  Time flies! It’s been three years.

  1. burn up: đốt cháy trụi

==>  He burned up the letters and threw the ashes into the fireplace.

  1. on the level: nói thật

==>  The salesman said he was giving us the best price in town. Do you think he’s on the level?

  1. one-horse town: thành phố nhỏ buồn tẻ

==>  She comes from a one-horse town near Denver.

  1. pull some strings: tận dụng mối quan hệ

==>  I have to pull some strings to get a reservation in this restaurant which such short notice.

  1. be hating life: rất khốn khổ

==> I lost my job; the mortgage is overdue. I am really hating life right now. I hope that I’ll find a new job soon.

  1. talk things over: thảo luận

==> Do not worry about your project. I’ll let you talk things over.

  1. act like an idiot: cư xử cứ như một tên ngốc

==> What’s wrong with you today? You are acting like an idiot.

  1. do away with:loại bỏ
  • preconceptions about sb/sth: định kiến về ai/điều gì

 ==> Mulan’s audacious action somewhat did away with bad preconceptions about Chinese women of feudal social.

  1. be feeling under the weather: cảm thấy không khỏe

==> The king was feeling under the weather.

  1. blend with: hợp với

==> This hairstyle does not blend with your face shape.

  1. out of sth: vì (điều gì)

==> Terissa: ‘But at least, she met and transferred the gift to you.’ – Yoko: ‘Out of necessity, she had to meet me. I know she doesn’t like me at all either.’

  1. choke up with: làm nghẹn ngào

==>He choked me up with what he said.

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