Đề thi Ielts Writing Task 2 (05.05.2018)

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Đáp án đề thi Ielts Writing Task 2 (05.05.2018)

Topic:  These days people in some country are living in a “throw-away” society which mean people use things in a short time then throw them away. Causes and problems.

This essay requires examinees to decide what are the reasons behind the phenomenon and state how this phenomenon could cause problems.


There are some reasons why people throw things away after a short time:

+ The influence of consumerism: newly released products appears on the market continuously

+ Producers make goods less durable than in the past

There are some problems that can be caused:

+ There are increasing environmental problems when countries have to deal with these types of garbage

+ Overexploitation of natural resources would be more severe.

#Sample Essay

People nowadays are confronting a huge problem of throwing away products after a short period of use. This phenomenon, which is heavily influenced by consumerism and excessive production, could place deleterious effects on the environment and natural resources of any country.

There are two main reasons for the ignition and acceleration of this throwaway lifestyle. For one thing, we are living in a consumerist society in which newly released products bombards the market on a daily basis. This, in its turn, allows people to make regular purchases in order to keep up with the cutting-edge technology. Another major point to consider is the deliberate production of short-lived goods. The massive manufacturing industry of every country is expanding, resulting in increasing demand of people’ consumption. This leads to the fact that consumer durables are being replaced gradually by other less durable goods. As a result, users are left with no chance but to throw away the broken products and opt for new ones.

This unhealthy practice can inflict several threats to countries’ environment as well as their natural resources. For one thing, the increasing amount of wastages produced by disposable products are putting insurmountable pressure on the governments’ ability for proper disposal. The situation is even exacerbating in underdeveloped countries when they also have to tackle the imported garbage, which is mostly toxic electronic waste, from other developed ones. What is more, with the accelerating speed of this throwaway tendency, overexploitation of natural resources would be inevitable and the total depletion of resources can be imminent.

To recapitulate, modern consumerism and benefit-driven mindset of manufacturers are some of the main reasons behind the rise of throwaway society. This can cause disastrous consequences to the environment and living conditions of people in many countries and therefore it should be controlled with immediate action.


confront: đối mặt

consumerism: chủ nghĩa tiêu dùng

excessive production: việc sản xuất quá mức

deleterious effect: ảnh hưởng xấu

acceleration: sự tăng tốc

consumerist society: xã hội thiên về tiêu dùng

cutting-edge: mới nhất, hiện đại nhất

consumer durables: sản phẩm sử dung được trong thời gian dài

insurmountable pressure: áp lực to lớn

proper disposal: việc xử lí chất thải đung cách

overexploitation: khai thác quá mức

imminent: có thể xảy đến ngay lập tức/trong tương lai gần

benefit-driven mindset: tư duy bị chi phối bởi lợi nhuận      


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