Học cách diễn đạt ấn tượng trong tiếng Anh – bài 8


  1. call a spade a spade

nói thẳng ra – Well, it’s time to call a spade a spade. We are just avoiding the issue.

  1. yellow dog

tên vong ơn bội nghĩa –  Don’t treat him well. He is a yellow dog.

  1. yellow

nhát gan, yếu đuối – He is yellow (=chicken-hearted), can never stand up by himself.

  1. a black eye

bầm mắt –  I got a black eye from walking into a door.

  1. The squeaky wheel gets the grease

Bánh xe kêu thì được châm dầu./Con có la thì mẹ mới cho bú./Anh nào than nhiều lại có lợi.

  1. Get on the stick!

Khẩn trương lên nào! –  Get on the stick! We have to leave here in five minutes.

  1. Cool

đẹp/dễ thương/hay – Your house is really cool./Your mom’s really cool /The movie’s cool, isn’t it?

  1. every dog has its day

ai rồi có lúc cũng sẽ được vinh quang – I just won a scholarship to study at Harvard. I guess it’s true when they say every dog has its day.

  1. buy into

tin (ai/điều gì) – He gave you nothing but excuses and lies and you bought into it.

  1. lord it over

bắt nạt – Bully students always lord it over novice ones to show their strength.

  1. stalk

theo dõi – What do you want? Are you stalking me? Why have you followed me back and forth between my house and my school?

  1. A Roland for an Oliver

Vỏ quýt dày có móng tay nhọn. – Don’t worry! One day he will be chastised. A Roland for an Oliver.

  1. take a siesta

nằm nghỉ – This weather makes me sick. I think I should take a siesta for a while.

  1. head and shoulder

nổi bật/giỏi nhất – She is head and shoulder above the rest.

  1. ups and downs

những thăng trầm

leave without saying goodbye

ra đi không một lời từ biệt

You said you would follow me through the ups and downs of our life. But now, when everything comes from bad to worse, you left without saying goodbye.

  1. off the top of my head

không cân nhắc trước –  Off the top of my head, I did not anticipate consequences of what I said.

  1. go hard with

làm khó –  That military officer always goes hard with that soldier, a Negro one who is working in American army.

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