Đề thi Writing task 2 ( Ngày 28/04/2018)

Topic: Organized tour to remote areas and community is increasingly popular. Is it a positive or negative development for the local people and environment?

This essay asks writers to decide whether the issue mentioned will lead to positive or negative development or may be both. Writers must be careful since the topic asks about the effect on local people and environment, not the tourists.


This development can bring about both advantages as well as challenges to the local people and the environment.

Suggested ideas for the advantages:

            + It creates more jobs in tourist industry

            + Local people have more opportunities to represent their culture and customs the outside world

            + Local infrastructure can be improved

Suggested ideas for the challenges:

            + Tourists may not respect the customs and traditions of local people

            + Local community may lose its identity

            + Tourists can cause damage to the environment

Sample Essay

In present day, proliferation in the number of package tours to distant destinations such as mountainous areas mark a new tendency of the tourist industry. Though this development is beneficial to the local residents in terms of economy and living conditions, it can have deleterious effects on the environment and the social security of these areas.

On the one side, increasing package holidays to far-flung places is closely associated with the growth of the economy. For one thing, this new trend in tourism can create more employments in the local areas as the job market for tourist-related services frequently need human resources. This in turn provides stable income for local dwellers. What is more, such development in employment rates could be equal to the increase of income tax contributing to the budget of local government. As a result, local authorities can help raise the living standards of people, starting by having basic amenities and important infrastructure established like the installation of water pipes or construction of hospitals.

On the flip side, the upsurge in package tours to remoted areas may act as a detriment to the local environment as well as public security. Firstly, the construction of tourism facilities like hotels can drastically change the landscape of one area, meaning the loss of habitat to local species. Also, massive hordes of tourists scramming to these remoted communities may lead to a serious risk of security as the tourists can have disrespectful behavior to the customs of local people or involve themselves in criminal acts like illegal trafficking.

In sum, the rapid growth in popularity of organized tours to remoted destinations could bring about both advantages as well as challenges to the lives of local people. In my viewpoint, local authorities must have adopt careful planning and issue reasonable policies in order to boost the tourism economy while reducing its negative influences on these areas.


proliferation: sự gia tăng

distant destination, far-flung place: những nơi xa xôi

deleterious effect: ảnh hưởng xấu

tourist-related service: dịch vụ về du lịch

stable income: nguồn thu nhập ổn định

income tax: thuế thu nhập

basic amenity: điều kiện cơ sống cơ bản

infrastructure: cơ sở hạ tầng

detriment: điều gây hại

drastically change: thay đổi nhanh chóng

loss of habitat: sự mất môi trường sinh sống

massive hordes of tourist: lương du khách đông đảo

criminal act: hoạt động phạm pháp

illegal trafficking: buôn lậu

bring about: đem lại

careful planning: việc lên kế hoạch cẩn thận

issue: ban hành

reasonable policy: chính sách hợp lí

boost: thúc đẩy