Học cách diễn đạt ấn tượng trong tiếng Anh

Nghỉ lễ ngày cuối cùng, hãy thu nạp thêm cho mình vài câu diễn đạt hay và ấn tượng nhé.


  1. a bit trying: cũng hơi cực khổ

–> She is a bit trying at times.

  1. year in, year out: năm này qua tháng nọ

–> Maria wears the same old dress, year in, year out.

  1. wade into: tấn công

–>A stranger waded into me.

  1. fair and square: công bằng, sòng phẳng

–> Mr. Johnson has always been fair and square with us.

  1. Birds of a feather flock together: Ngưu tầm ngưu mã tầm mã.
  1. fork over: chi (tiền)

–>How much did you fork over for that new car?

  1. history: tiêu đời

–> You are history.

         *history: chẳng thèm làm bạn bè

 –> He cheated me again. I swear, that friend’s history.

  1. Come clean with me!: Thành khẩn khai báo đi

–> Come clean with me! Did you shoot your wife out of jealousy?

  1. be dressed to kill: ăn mặc thật đẹp/bảnh

–> Laura was dressed to kill tonight, don’t you see?

  1. blow smoke: tung hoả mù

–> Cody blew smoke by telling other funny stories because he did not want to show us what just happened.

  1. root for: ủng hộ/cổ vũ

–> I know our soccer team is not as good as Thailand. Anyway, let’s root for Vietnamese team!

  1. a brownnoser / a teacher’s pet: kẻ nịnh bợ
  1. get along with: tỏ ra thân thiện

–> She gets along with lots of people.

  1. in the same boat: cùng hội cùng thuyền / cùng chung cảnh ngộ

–> Clover: ‘I have thirty exercises and tomorrow is a deadline to hand in them, but I didn’t do anything.’ – Alex: ‘We are in the same boat. Let’s start to do it.’

  1. a white lie: lời nói dối vô tội

–> You told that is a white lie? I had a narrow escape because of your ‘innocent’ girlfriend.

  1. be rooted in sth: xây dựng dựa trên (cái gì)

–> Strength is rooted in unity.

  1. be wary of: cảnh giác

–> After my best friend betrayed me, I have been wary of everybody.

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