Học cách diễn đạt ấn tượng trong Tiếng Anh – bài 5

Mỗi ngày cùng Homeschooling học thêm một vài câu giúp diễn đạt thật ấn tượng trong tiếng Anh nhé. 


  1. dark-horse

vô danh tiểu tốt

  1. be under a cloud of suspicion: bị nghi ngờ

Even the manager is under a cloud of suspicion.

  1. take forty winks: chợp mắt 1 chút

I sometimes take forty winks on Saturday afternoon, so that I can continue working around the house.

  1. day by day: dần dần 

 Day by day, the patient became stronger.

  1. Out of sight, out of mind

Xa mặt cách lòng.

Absence makes the heart go fonder

Càng xa càng nhớ.

  1. fall for look: ham vẻ bề ngoài

I don’t blame her because all ladies fall for look.

  1. Take it easy: Bình tĩnh nào

Take it easy, man. Here is the money you want.

  1. snake in the grass: tên phản bội

I wouldn’t trust that snake in the grass.

  1. get on one’s nerves: khiến ai bực bội

That loud music is getting on my nerves.

  1. cannot hold the candle to sb: không đáng xách dép cho ai

You want me to be your girlfriend? Look at you! You cannot hold the candle to me.

  1. It’ll come in handy someday: Có thể sau này còn xài được

Do not throw it away. It’ll come in handy someday.

  1. to cram for an exam: nhồi nhét cho kỳ thi

Because he had not studied anything in this semester, he had to spend much more time than other students to cram for an exam.

  1. put sth on hold: đặt trước
  1. Just my luck!: Cái số tôi nó vậy!
  1. wear and tear: hao mòn do sử dụng 

This washing machine is in wear and tear process.

  1. call at/on sb: ghé thăm 

We called at/on our grandmother when we had a vacation at Chinese.

  1. be conscious of one’s guilt: nhận thức rõ lỗi lầm của bản thân

Instead of showing her mistakes, you should show an uncontented feeling on your face. She can understand what you mean. She is a kind of person who is conscious of her guilt.

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