Ielts writing task 2:

TOPIC: Some people think that newly built houses should follow the style of the old houses in the local areas. Others think that people should have freedom to build houses of their own style. Discuss and give opinion.

Sample Essay

In some areas, constructing your living shelters can encounter some uncomfortable problems with building style. While there is a body of people who hold the idea that new buildings should match the style of neighboring old properties, the others adhere to the view that people should be granted the right to choose the appropriate style for their houses. In my opinion, creativity is important and people should not be forced to follow set patterns.

There are some reasons people wish to have a synchronization between the newly built residences with the old ones. First of all, the requirement to match the old style is simply an attempt to keep new houses not to become alienated with the rest of the neighborhood. This in turn could help save the antiquity of the area and maybe change it into a worth-visiting tourist attraction. Secondly, the fidelity in the old design could equal to the preservation of historic architectural style. By the same token, architects who choose to practice the old style can develop their craftsmanship in this field.

On the other hand, advocates of the free movement also come up with persuasive claims. For one thing, following style of old houses might not be good news for one’s budget. The practice of retro style such as the elaborately detailed and ornamented structures could be costly to some people. Hence, giving people the license to create is meaningful when they have every opportunity to create their dream houses.  I personally agree with this idea since architecture is the manifest of one’s definition of beauty and creativity and therefore should not be put inside any boundary.

In conclusion, people should be welcomed to construct their houses according to their liking. After all, It is also possible to build a modern house with all of the charm of an old building if you wish to.


  • living shelter:             nhà
  • encounter: chạm trán, gặp
  • a body of: một nhóm (người)
  • property: tài sản (nhà đất)
  • adhere to: ủng hộ
  • be granted: được (ban) cho
  • residence: người dân (ở một khu vực)
  • alienate: làm cho xa lạ
  • antiquity: vẻ cổ xưa
  • fidelity: sự trung thành
  • by the same token: cùng với lí do đó
  • craftsmanship: tay nghề
  • advocate: người ủng hộ
  • persuasive: có sức thuyết phục
  • elaborately detailed and ornamented structures: những kiến trúc được trang trí tỉ mỉ, chi tiết
  • license to create: cơ hội sáng tạo
  • manifest: bản tuyên bố
  • boundary: ranh giới
  • charm: vẻ hấp dẫn