Ielts writing task 2:

: Nowadays, some employers think that formal academic qualifications are more important than life experience or personal qualities when they look for new employees. Why is it the case? Is it a positive or negative development?

Sample Essay

In the fierce competition for employment these days, recruiters now have a liking to consider job seekers with academic qualification than those who have rich life experience and virtues as their main advantages. In my opinion, this idea mostly stems from employers’ common stereotype about the value of qualifications and this could have unfavorable implications to a company.

There are three main reasons that comprise the stereotype behind the tendency. First of all, employers usually hold a belief that applicants with good academic background and qualified degrees would have in-depth knowledge as well as useful skills in their field. This idea can be observed in many countries such as Japan where only people coming from prestigious universities can make their way to top enterprises. Secondly, candidates with good qualifications are usually thought to be ambitious people who are capable of bringing radical changes to the company and help the business flourish. What is more, the recruiters are always apt to the hunt of human capital with formal academic background simply because it can help save a fortune of retraining if they choose people with lower qualifications.

As far as I am concerned, this trend could lead to serious setbacks to the development of any company. For one thing, those underestimated life experiences could in fact provide people with new insights or new perspectives that assist them in tackling problems which can’t be solved in conventional approaches. Another important point is that hiring people with good personal qualities offers mangers golden opportunity to create a friendly working environment with highly responsible team players. In addition, these types of candidates could help to establish a healthy business ethics of a company for which they are less likely to cause fraudulent acts or disruptive behaviors.

In sum, the idea to hire people with formal qualifications and yet depreciate the value of rich life experiences and personal virtues mainly comes from recruiters’ unfair beliefs and should be seriously reconsidered. People with possession of both would be the most suitable to be hired.


fierce competition:                                     sự cạnh tranh dữ dội, ác liệt

rich life experience:                                                trải nghiệm sống phong phú

virtues:                                                                    phẩm chất, đức tính

stereotype:                                                              sự rập khuôn

unfavorable implications:                                       ngụ (hàm) ý, ảnh hương bất lợi

comprise:                                                                bao gồm

hold a belief (in):                                                    tin tưởng (vào)

in-depth knowledge:                                              kiến thức chuyên sâu

prestigious:                                                             có uy tín, thanh thế

ambitious:                                                               cầu tiến

radical changes:                                                      những thay đổi triệt để

flourish:                                                                  phát triển, thịnh vượng

are always apt to:                                                   có khuynh hướng

save a fortune:                                                        tiết kiệm cả khối tiền

underestimated:                                                      đánh giá thấp, không đúng mức

conventional approaches:                                       những phương pháp thông thường

healthy business ethics:                                          văn hóa công ty lành mạnh

fraudulent acts:                                                      những hành vi sai trái, gian lận

disruptive behaviors:                                              những hành vi vô kỷ luật

depreciate:                                                              làm giảm giá trị

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