Ielts writing task 2:

Topic:   People living in large cities face several problems. What are these problems? Should governments encourage people to move to smaller towns?  

Sample Essay

The flow of urbanization has opened various golden opportunities for cities but also challenges. These problems, which usually result from overpopulation and pollution, put the governments in bewilderment whether they should encourage people to move back to countryside. Personally, I am on the opinion of doing that policy so that cities can thrive more freely.

One of the main problems with modern cities is the overpopulation. Nowadays, influx of migrants from small towns to cities in seek of better living standards are exponentially increased. This wave of urban sprawl is unfortunately leading to the unbalance of urban development. As a result, many subsequent issues emerge like high unemployment rate leading to increasing crime rates, improper urban planning leading to slumps, unsecured infrastructure leading to failure to adapt more people, just to name a few.

Another serious problem concerns the alarming level of pollution which is rising rapidly in many metropolitans. High concentration of industrial zones around the cities is putting great pressure on the living environment of people. One typical example is in China, when people of Beijing usually wear gas masks to prevent respiratory diseases caused by polluted air.

One suggestion to tackle these problems involves the removal of people back to smaller towns through encouragement by the governments. I personally think this may be a good policy this will significantly reduce the pressure for the major cities. But for this act to be effective, the governments should also ensure the gradual development of economy in local provinces could provide enough employment and therefore guarantee a good living environment for the residents.

In conclusion, cities are coping with many severe problems stemming from overpopulation and pollution. Encouraging people to come back to the countryside could be a key solution to all the issues provided that the local economy is given good opportunities to prosper.

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