Ielts writing task 2:

Topic: The users of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, are replacing face-to-face contact in this century. Do you think the advantages of this way outweigh the disadvantages? 

Sample Essay

Technological advancement has brought about major changes to human beings in terms of communication, most markedly the advent and flourish of social networking sites. People are witnessing the fast-paced substitution of this to real-life interaction with the proliferation of social media users is happening on a daily basis. Personally, hold the idea that this transition could do more harm than good.

On the one side, having social media contact is advantageous in some cases. Firstly, it is indisputable that social media, together with mobile devices, have helped connect people from different walks of life. Regardless of geographical distance, people are able to communicate effortlessly through these channels. Another aspect to be considered is social media has released the human from the burden of finding new friends.  People nowadays don’t need to waste so much time finding new ideal companions; a few clicks on an application like Facebook would open the connection to thousands of users alike.

That being said, this double-edged sword comfort could create problems far more serious than what users comprehend.  For one thing, solid evidence from recent studies has proved the significant effect of social media in decreasing human’s capability of communication skills. Specifically, people’s prowess in face-to-face communication can deteriorate if having over-exposure to online conversations. Secondly, this form of communication increases chances of people falling prey to cyberspace fraudulent acts. Acquaintances via social media whose real identity is little known to you may be hackers trying to steal your secret information for online criminal acts.

In sum, I have every reason to believe the replacement of social media to face-to-face contact, albeit beneficial to users to some extent, is not advisable for the abovementioned reasons. It would be best for people to strike a balance between two forms of communications.

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