Ielts writing task 2:

Topic: People in many countries are spending less time with their family. What are the causes and solutions?

Sample essay

The goal of every person is to have a happy family with well-adjusted children and supportive parents. However, this is unlikely to accomplish nowadays due to the fact that less people are capable of allocating quality time for families.  There are several reasons leading to these problems, for which immediate and urgent actions are needed to tackle.

First of all, due to the increasing demand of work, parents are obliged to finish heavy workload on a daily basis. In addition, parents’ overworking on unsocial hours have become such unresolved an issue that it is causing significant reduction in family time. The problem aggravates when these employees prioritize the pursuit of fame and fortune than family’s precious moments, which can also be witnessed in countries like Japan or America, to name a few. Secondly, this household problem also stems from the fact that children at the modern life now are under weighty burden of school work that they would spend considerable amount of time studying after class in order to achieve outstanding academic performance than for family gatherings.

This alarming situation can be translated into family dysfunction and therefore needs drastic measures.  For one thing, the government has to take a proactive role in imposing on strict policies limiting overworking as well as the amount of school work.  This should be concomitantly followed by the fundamental role of parents in having open, supportive conversations with children to assist them with homework and a possibility of frequent family trips during vacation time to tighten the kinship bond.

In sum, shortage of family time is a major problem aroused from each member of the family and could cause detrimental effects to family relationships. This problem should be, therefore, received assiduous attention from both the society and family members to protect this societal core unit.

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