Topic: More and more people in the city live in homes with small spaces or no outdoor areas. Do you think it is a negative or positive development?

Sample Essay

Nowadays, influx of immigrants from local provinces to cosmopolitan cities makes the problem of urban planning more serious. City dwellers now have a tendency to live in small living quarters with limited surrounding areas. Though this may be beneficial to people in some aspects, I also perceive this development to have downsides in respect to mental health.

For one thing, choosing small houses or apartments is a sound option for people with average income. Instead of purchasing houses at exorbitant prices, especially if the location is in the city center, accommodating a small living place could curtail rental considerably. As a result, people could then allocate their budget on other basic amenities. Another point to consider is that living in spacious settings would demand the occupants a quantity of time for hygienic activities.  Such time-consuming practice would put people in dilemma provided they come home after a long day of hard-working.

On the other hand, the decision to live in small accommodation also has pejorative implications. First and foremost, this could be a serious setback for children who are supposed to find joy in incentive activities both indoors and outdoors. Solid evidence from countless research has also adhered to this claim, suggesting a more open living space for children to develop both mentally and physically or else they will just end up being couch potatoes. What’s more, letting yourself be in oppressive spaces could promote feeling of anxiety and stress, which in turn will have detrimental effects to that person’s mental health.

In conclusion, although modest accommodation can serve people’s purposes well in terms of budget, deciding a spacious living quarter would be ideal to promote healthy lifestyle. In the end, it is the dwellers who must decide what is optimal for them.

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