Topic: The best way to reduce youth crimes is to educate their parents with parental skills. To what extent you agree or disagree?

Sample Essay

Increase in juvenile delinquency has always been one of the major societal problems. Some people blame for the lack of parental guidance as the primary cause of this and ask for the education of parental skills. Personally, I hold the belief that parental education is just one in many effective methods in tackling the issue.

For one thing, it is indisputable that parents play a fundamental role in educating young children to acquire good virtues. With good parental skills, parent will be able to act as a role model on how to conform to the society and live with its inherent standards. More importantly, trained parents can base on essential child development conceptions to introduce them to outdoor activities with the aim to convey positive and desired characteristics. What’s more, it goes without saying that children’s mischievous behavior signposting any likely wrongdoings can be intervened immediately through parental supervising.

Having said that, other factors could also be beneficial to the deterrent of juvenile crimes. First and foremost, school education must become an effective channel between parents and children. For instances, children’s performing persistent misbehaviors should be addressed urgently with the regular support of teachers and parents at both places. Another outlook to consider is the participation of officials in regulating youth crimes. With increasing adolescents’ readiness to commit from petty crimes to major felonies, increasing the severity of punishment and delivering warning message should be taken to discourage young adults from ever being driven to one.

To recapitulate, good parental skills are vital for any devoted parents to educate their young into decent people. The society and government should also participate in the process to foster childcare and preclude tragic incidents from happening.

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