Topic: As life expectancy is increasing, people work after retirement with pay. Alternatively, some people start to work at a young age. Are these positive or negative impacts?

 Sample Essay

Workforce has never been a hive of activity like today, with sweeping changes in the type of workers. Typically, as for the mounting life expectancy, more and more post-retirement workers are confident to sign on contracts to be part-timers, whilst a blaze of adolescents is giving themselves a shot. Both are believed to spark off influences on the workforce development.

In essence, people at their retirement age are contented with part-time jobs, since it is blatantly obvious that this will be hugely advantageous. As a general rule, people who reach this phase of life encounter tedium and loneliness, since they are left without support at home or in a nursery center. Thus, having a job would provide golden opportunities for their own happiness and a sense of purpose. In economy terms, companies are willing to allocate a part of their budget to this working group, since they can boost up their own savings without being over-dependent on their children. Be that as it may, their health is prone to be their biggest enemies and companies might fork out an insurmountable amount of money for healthcare support.

Young people, with another perspective in mind, set themselves clear objectives of bringing a fresh breath to the country’s economy. Indeed, their key selling points are courage, creativity, and passion which consequently pay dividends for companies. However, it is the firsthand experience that matters most, as they are still in their infancies and need to improve through time. Another aspect of their join is their capability to harness technology in real work. With workers pushing back the frontier of technology nowadays, one company at the same time can satisfy the demands of their target market and stimulate growth. Nevertheless, young workers are still liable to be distracted by the lure of money, hence they can be lack of focus on their education.

In brief, regardless of the positive or negative impact each group may have on the labour market, both groups equally contribute to the economic development and deserve recognition from the society.