Topic:  The responsibility for the protection of the environment is by a transnational organization or every country?

Sample Essay

Environmental protection has a primary concern for all countries for the last few decades. Some people are of the opinion that a transnational organization should be accountable for this; others believe that it is each country that should take the responsibility. I adhere to the idea that it should be a joint effort from both sides in this task.

There are two main reasons for my outlook. First and foremost, a transnational organization is unlikely to be entitled with enough authority to implement crucial actions to prevent further destruction to the environment. An example of this would be the famous organization World Wildlife Fund.  Aiming at environmental protection and wildlife conservation, this one of the world’s most prestigious organizations still faces predicaments when their campaigns are not occasioned due to lack of approval from state governments. Therefore, assistance and support from countries are of vital importance.

Secondly, green issues in each nation escalate at various scale and pace for which even an international organization may not be able to tackle. This is to say, with scanty information about the situation in any single country, it would be problematic for international groups to allocate the human resources appropriately, not to mention initiating felicitous strategies for each case. For that reason, espousal from the governments would be an optimal solution to assist resolving such difficulties like sharing information or providing sufficient funds for the activities.

On the whole, environmental protection is a mission for neither an international organization nor any country. The point at issue is that everyone must work hand in hand on the basis of mutual cooperation spirit. I have no doubt that this approach would bring about new hope for our environment.


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