Sample essay for Ielts Writing task 2 (11.2-IDP)

college students to live in schools than live at home with their parents. Do you agree or disagree?

Topic: It is better for college students to live away from home rather than live at home with their parents.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Advantages of living away from home:

  • Students will have the opportunity to lead a more independent life (regarding both academic performance and personal affairs).
  • Living in a different place will offer students a chance to learn about new people and cultures apart from those of their own when they live at home.
  • Students may develop their personality when they have to learn to live in harmony with their roommates (give examples).

Disadvantages of living away from home:

  • Students may suffer from serious homesickness => their academic performance and social life will be adversely affected.
  • University students may have to work to pay their living expenses when they are not living with their parents.
  • Without their parents’ care and advice, students may make friends with undesirable people or indulge themselves in bad habits.

As high school graduates continue with their tertiary education, a common dilemma arises with them whether to stay home with parents or to accommodate their own living quarters. It is said by some that it is ideal to get separated from family at this time; however, I assume staying at home still remains a good option.

On the one side, starting a period with complete freedom from parental supervision poses distinctive benefits. First and foremost, living far from home exposes students to the harsh reality with insurmountable problems that they will soon face in the future. As a result, youths must establish certain vital skills ranging from time management to problem solving strategy in order to be self-reliant. Furthermore, such considerable changes in accommodation could help them gain insights into the new place and people, which was pre-eminent for their maintaining harmony with the new life.

On the flip side, staying with parents guarantees students’ financial security. A large number of students boarding at some place near school usually have to exert themselves with part-time jobs to be able to afford for rental and daily expenses. What is more, under the protection and guidance of parents, these young adolescents would not be apt to get themselves into the scrape or develop disruptive behaviours by bad influence from peers.

To recapitulate, it is safe to say that each option has its own advantages and drawbacks. Enjoying a secured life with parents will deter students from great hurdles to their studies, whereas venturing to the outside world will leave them with exciting challenges to pursue self-development. I believe it is subjective to each individual’s perspective to decide which is optimal a solution for them.