international travel has many advantages


International travel has many advantages to both travellers and the country visited. Ads outweigh disads?



  • To travelers:
    • International travel helps tourists broaden the horizons by learning different cultures and languages.
    • Visitors can make new friends on their journeys.
  • To the country visited
    • Global tourism also stimulate the economy’s growth. (Tourists are willing to allocate a part of their incomes for services on holidays. That sum of money can be used to invest on education, infrastructure, ….).
    • Tourism also creates more job opportunities to the communities. (manufacturing, food growing, hotel services,…)
    • International travel contributes to the restoration of historical monuments and preservation of local communities. (Governments make efforts to maintain these places for tourists to visit)


  • To travellers:
    • Tourist are more vulnerable to exotic illnesses. (European citizens often find food poisoning strange a treat when travelling to developing countries.)
    • Visitors can become victims of criminal acts such as kidnapping, snatching,…
  • To the country visited
    • Tourists often play a part in damaging the environment. (such as littering, spitting, …)
    • Local traditions are more vulnerable when being exposed to exotic cultures. (Children no longer play outsides but stick their eyes on the screen.)
    • There is an upward trend in seasonal jobs, causing instability to the health of the economy. (There are more unemployed people after the tourist season.)

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