Newspaper – The remain source of news

Newspaper – The remain source of news

Writing Task 2: Although more and more people read news on the internet, newspapers will remain the main source of news for the majority of people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


** Agree:

Print newspapers are irreplaceable despite the growing popularity of digital news.

+ When reading a newspaper, people can obtain more information from different columns without having to perform several clicks to navigate through various websites, which is tiring especially for old people.

+ There are no pop-up advertisements in print newspaper => people can read and reflect on a certain piece of news with great concentration.

+ Print newspapers give readers a sense of legitimacy => the information are often more reliable than that on the Internet

** Disagree:

There will be no place for regular old hard-copy newspapers in the near future.

+ The process of making newspaper is not environmentally friendly => a lot of trees are cut down every day => the natural habitat of many animals are disrupted

+ It takes more time to produce a print newspaper => the information may be incorrect or outdated by the time it reaches readers.

+ Print newspapers are much more expensive than electronic news, not to mention there are some parts in a newspaper that you do not want to read.

** Topic-related words

  • Standard newspapers/E-papers
  • Published/reported/undated
  • Current affairs/stale news
  • News agency
  • Communication network
  • Transmit messages
  • Devoted readers
  • Sensational news
  • To achieve optimum coverage
  • Editor verification
  • A broad range of media sources


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